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Members have invoiced £10 million since 2012

Since January 2012 f2n Business Network members have generated in excess of £10 million of invoiced business.


The f2n Business Awards

The f2n Business Awards took place from 2011 to 2017, celebrating the very best businesses from across the UK.



The f2n Business Network Charity of the Year 2018/2019 is Wales Air Ambulance

Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru Wales Air Ambulance

f2n Business Network aims to raise £2,019 by December 2019 for Wales Air Ambulance by organising fundraising events, activities and donations.


£415 raised

Thank you!

Since 2010 f2n Business Network members have raised nearly £19,000 for Charities. Thank you to all those who’ve supported us over the years.



Our Members | view by a to z | view by region

  • Andy Littlefield Andy Littlefield North & Mid Wales
  • Chemmy Alcott Chemmy Alcott London
  • Juana Eastwood Juana Eastwood North & Mid Wales
  • Gemma Thomson Gemma Thomson North & Mid Wales
  • Nina Sardar Nina Sardar North & Mid Wales
  • Michele Ridland Michele Ridland North & Mid Wales

Live Action from our Events

  • Free2Network Diamonds Are Forever Lunch
  • Free2Network Business Awards 2012 Launch Video

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