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Antonio Mazzotti

I will act as a companion to the development and progress and ultimate success of your business. It will not be an easy process but you will always feel my presence and guiding words of encouragement and clarity to help you deliver results for your business. Combining this with your expertise of your business & industry and the systems developed by ActionCOACH to help 1,000s of other businesses make a compelling formula for success. I’m there to teach you, be a sounding board, support you and hold you accountable to be your best in performing your role as the leader in your business. All it takes for your part is a hunger to grow, a desire to learn and a commitment to action.

The Business Growth Companion
Marina Kogan

Marina Kogan is an International Life and Business Coach working with companies and individuals in UK, Russia and France. She delivers her programmes to corporate organisations and groups of individuals and is extremely well respected in the world of business and life coaching. Being a seasoned businesswoman herself, Marina identifies what it takes to start a business and succeed; how to be resilient in difficult times and how to run a successful business while staying true to your values and vision. It is these qualities, among others, that make Marina be a highly sought-after Business Mentor for Welsh Government to SMEs.

Kogan Coaching

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